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What is the process?

Once we have received a confirmed instruction your Consultant will be in touch, and will go through your current CV / resume in detail to see what additional details are required and to identify any areas that need clarification, and will then prepare a series of questions that will be included in the order confirmation email. 

This will typically include ascertaining your objective, clarifying key skills, identifying important achievements etc. 


We usually request that information is sent as a return email as this allows the opportunity of providing thorough and well-thought out answers at moments convenient to you; it also means that we can refer back to them without having to rely on reading dreadful handwriting or, worse still, memory! It does not need to be in any particular format or structure as we will go through all information you provide and rewrite / use it as appropriate when putting together your new documents. 


However a conversation is sometimes useful to establish objectives and to answer any questions, and your Consultant will usually be available to speak on the phone / Zoom / WhatsApp throughout the process Monday – Friday between 0830 and 1800 (London time). 

How long does this all take?

Standard turnaround time is roughly 10 working / business days (i.e. Monday - Friday, excluding weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public / bank holidays), however if you need it a day or so quicker than this to meet a specific application deadline then please let your Consultant know as we can sometimes change our schedule to accommodate you. 


If you need a very swift turnaround then we have the Express Service option (at additional cost) which offers completion in as little as 24 hours - please confirm availability before ordering 

What if I need amendments?

All work includes the guarantee that once you have received your documents we will make as many amendments as are necessary until you are completely satisfied with the result. Usually it is only necessary to have 1 further draft, and very often none at all, but should there be any need for more then there are no limits within 30 days.

Is the CV / Resume assessment really free?

Yes. There is no charge for the assessment or the report, and no obligation to purchase any services as a result. 

What is the difference between the Ultra LinkedIn service and the Lite LinkedIn service?

The main differences between the 2 LinkedIn services are as follows:

  In the “Lite” service (£195), the LinkedIn update will be sent in the form of a comprehensive document containing all the information you need, optimized with key words in the appropriate places, from which you can copy and paste the details into your profile. Full instructions of how to do so are provided within the document.

•  With the “Ultra” service (£295), once you have approved the content, our Consultants will input the changes to your profile – you will need to provide a temporary password for us to gain access and then change it when have completed our work. As well as including everything in the "Lite" service, the "Ultra" service also contains additional features such as selection and application of a choice of background images, showcasing of projects / achievements as required etc 

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