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This Autumn, thoroughly make-over the way you present yourself to prospective employers or potential clients online, in writing and in person, to ensure delivery of a consistent message and recognizable personal brand. Many situations can present themselves, each demanding a different approach; if you can only respond with a standard CV or resume then you might quickly run out of options.


Our Autumn Special Package is a comprehensive portfolio of powerful, world-class career collateral, professionally written to support your goals, reflect your personal branding and enable you to present yourself robustly and convincingly in every situation.


Each document is prepared with meticulous attention detail to suit specific situations and targeted towards your desired audiences.


The package consists of:

  • Executive CV/resume – a punchy and concise document outlining key strengths/core competencies as well as a précised career history including selected illustrative achievements
  • Cover Letter – a letter that clearly and concisely gives strong, relevant reasons why your application should be considered. Either a generic letter that you can use for all applications, or a letter tailored to suit a particular position
  • “Ultra” LinkedIn optimization – take full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities this powerful social media site has to offer with a polished and professional LinkedIn profile, fully optimized to work with search engines and uploaded by us to enhance visibility with your target audience.
  • Executive Bio – a streamlined professional biography presenting your credentials in a one-page high-level overview of what you have to offer – essential for speaking engagements, networking, press releases, conference programs etc.
  • Interview Coaching – our fully trained and experienced Interview Coaches will work with you on a proven successful strategy to enable you to make the very best of your interview.

Cost if ordered individually = £1275

Package price = £999 - saving more than £270


Include a family member / friend / colleague as well and get a discounted price

Duo Package for 2 = £1799 - saving more than £560

Autumn Special 2022

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